Double Daisy

If there’s a name for this, I’d love to know it. Sort of a two-faced Janus situation. Before this emerged, the plant was already odd because its flowers are noticeably different than the daisies that surround it, which were all planted at the same time and from the same source.

Two-for-one deal.

Last year I planted a packet of Shasta daisy ‘Little Princess’ seeds from Ed Hume. They grew slowly and never flowered, probably lacking full sun. Being a so-called semi-dwarf variety, I knew they’d work well eventually, and in the fall I moved them to the edge of a pathway, to grow below taller perennials.

The petals on the mutated flower are obviously rounder, much more like the ‘Alaska’ cultivar also sold by Hume. So maybe some seeds got mixed. It could be worse—I had a teacher who in grad school studied the ratio of invasive weeds in seeds packets and claimed the results were not good.

Compare the petals of ‘Little Princess’ with the flower below.
Alaska? Is that you?
Dwarf daisies on the corner.

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