Dancing on the corner

This is Gaura lindheimeri, a Texas wildflower that I added to the front yard in late spring. I’ve liked it ever since I first saw it, during a course about late summer perennials. It’s planted between a group of yuccas, that sit at the very corner of the garden, and a lavender. I’ve tried a number of things in this spot but I always end up moving them—nothing was the right texture or height next to the sharp, blueish yucca leaves.

Until now. After only few months the gaura is reaching nearly five feet high and swaying in the wind. The bright white flowers have a nice random feel to them, and at many angles look unattached, dancing in the sky on the corner.

There is a cultivar called ‘Whirling Butterflies’, and that’s what I thought I purchased, but it’s supposed to be compact and my plant has easily topped four feet. Whatever, it seems happy with the sunny spot and sandy soil, and mixes nicely in this rocky, pollinator-friendly corner of the yard.

They do get visitors — I’ve seen more wasps than bees.